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Man Claims Apple Helped the Mafia Send Threats

CNet cites Gregory McKenna as saying he bought an iPod Shuffle from eBay in 2005 and later an iPod Mini. According to McKenna, both devices made it possible for the mafia to send audio threats via a receiver installed by Apple. Crazy, right? Yeah, it gets way crazier.

McKenna says the Mafia wanted him to work as a fashion model for them at a New York modeling agency. The Florissant, Missouri resident says he called local police and the FBI but that nothing was done about the issue. McKenna goes on to claim that mafia members threatened to "stalk, threaten, attempt rape, and kidnap" him.

Because nothing was being done by law enforcement agencies, McKenna hired a private investigator to search his home and car. Said PI apparently found listening devices left, right, and center. Unfortunately for him, when he asked his PI to back up his claims to the police, the PI said he found nothing at all.

McKenna is suing Apple, St. Louis Police Department, several FBI agents, a PI and a mechanic. Check out the full story on CNet News.

  • LePhuronn
    I'm sure if the Mafia wanted to rape him they would - the mob don't just "attempt".

    Dude needs to lay off the mushrooms.
  • Parrdacc
    If he is not careful the nice young men in the clean white coats will be fitting him with a straight jacket.
  • Aoster87
    Did Dale Gribble move to Missouri?
  • ricardok
    Paranoia anyone??

    Like I've said before, the legal system is broken.. :) How can he prove that even after the PI said that he didn't find traces of what he is claiming?

    For me? 15 minutes of fame!! A Paranoid Narcisist. :P
  • duckmanx88
    someones drinking too much happy juice
  • Greg_77
    Amazing, Apple enables file transfer on the the Mini and Shuffle and not the Ipod Touch...JK! I know this guy is crazy and highly doubt the Mini and Shuffle contain wireless receivers.
  • tenor77
    Dammit!! They're onto me!

    I'm from Missouri btw
  • erikstarcher
    I always knew that the Mafia was controlled by Apple.
  • Usually, the point of pointless articles like this is to brainwash readers into associating criticism of Apple with mental illness... Old Soviet tactic...
  • secolliyn
    Seriously i feel bad for this guy he obviously has some sort of mental disconnect im just saddened that an attorney would take the case and not just convince him to go with the nice men in white coats