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Anonymous Hacks Apple, Posts Logins Online

So far, 2011 has been a bit of a hackfest. What started with the hacking of PSN and SOE in April sparked a 50-day-long hackathon by a group calling itself LulzSec. However, LulzSec wasn't alone in its efforts to expose the poor security measures put in place by big-name companies and it quickly joined forces with Anonymous to form the AntiSec movement.

Though LulzSec is no more, Anon Sunday revealed that it had targeted Apple in one of its attacks and posted a portion of user data online to prove it. 

The data posted to Pastebin includes the user details of 27 people registered on the website. Apple uses this site for customer surveys and though Anonymous says it wasn't serious in its attempts, Reuters reports it is offline now and displaying only an error message. Probably for the best. Anonymous later pointed out that considering the attention this small 'drive-by' was getting, a larger-scale attack would likely result in a huge reaction from both the media and tech community.

Apple has not yet commented on the attack.