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Moto Milestone Packs Android 2.1, Does HD Video

The Motorola Milestone is bound to interest those of you shopping around for an Android phone with a kick-ass camera. That said. the 550MHz ARM Cortex A8 CPU isn't quite as powerful as the 1GHz Spapdragons that are slowly becoming the norm among Android devices. The Milestone's 3.7 inch, WVGA (480X854) display; 8-megapixel camera (720p video at 24fps, 10x digital zoom) with Xenon flash; nine hours of talk time / 320 hours of standby; HDMI; 8GB microSD storage (expandable up to 32GB) and Android 2.1 ensure the phone isn't lacking in the features department buy it's not quite the Milestone successor we thought Motorola would bring to the table.

It's thinner than the original Milestone (known as the DROID in the US), does away the keyboard (which a lot of people don't like anyway) and packs a superior quality camera but it's just a little bit less powerful than the DROID's 600MHz A8.

It looks like the XT720 is only going to be available in Europe. Motorola is keeping quiet for now but it sounds like they're using the Europeans as guinea pigs and after gauging their reaction, will think about a U.S. release. Overall we won't be that disappointed if it doesn't make it over here as it's not exactly mind-blowing.

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