Android Botnet Claims 1 Million Victims in China

Security researchers have discovered a vast Android-related mobile botnet in China that has affected over one million victims.

The attack, based on a Trojan, affects Google's Android platform by being hidden in more than 7,000 apps. That includes popular games such as Temple Run and Fishing Joy.

Once the botnet is installed, the attacker can remotely control the victim’s smartphone, consequently allowing them to steal data, download additional apps and integrate adware.

The ‘Andorid.Troj.mdk’ Trojan itself was discovered back in 2011 by security firm Kingsoft Duba. However, with Android dominating the Chinese market during 2012, a lack of awareness over mobile security threats from new mobile owners has allowed the botnet to infect over one million users.

Meanwhile, SpamSoldier, a similar Android malicious mobile application is confined to the U.S. During the third quarter of 2012, Android malware surged by a considerable amount.

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