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Man Buys $3 Billion CD-ROM on Amazon

This post over on reddit reveals a rather unusual purchase: an (ancient) old Discovery Channel CD-ROM developed for the Windows 98 platform. Despite the software's amusing old age, what makes the listing so cleverly funny is that an Amazon merchant threw up a highly incorrect pricetag: a whopping $2,904,980,000 USD. Yes, that's almost 3 billion dollars for outdated software.

The kicker here is that someone actually attempted to purchase the CD-ROM. Enter Brian T. Klug, a man with many talents but without the 3 billion in funds (at least that's what we're assuming) festering in the bank. Knowing full well that he couldn't pay for the software, he placed the order to find out what would happen.

According to this image, Amazon initially accepted the order and then did a double-take. "We're sorry," the company said via his Amazon account. "We're unable to complete your order from this Amazon Merchant. We have canceled this transaction and you have not been charged for the order." Amazon also add that the seller was unable to the accept the 3 billion dollar payment.

Gizmodo reports that another Amazon Merchant caught wind of the traction and tried to sell the same CD-ROM for a smaller fee: $250,000. Heck, we have one we can sell you for a measly $10,000 (not).

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  • cua8er
    wow, looks like i can make a fortune on all those old win.95 and 98 games i have lying around
  • stevesauce
    Wow. Imagine the backlash that would have happened to Amazon if they allowed this transaction to go through. Good times!
  • brother shrike
    Wait, is it 3 billion or 3 trillion? There seems to be some confusion.
  • hakesterman
    I don't believe anything in this post. I think all the numbers are wrong and even the headline
    is misleading, obviously someone is short of good news to post.

  • datawrecker
    I like how he asked for 1% for his troubles.
  • Niva
    I do have an original win 95 CD somewhere around the house (I think.) I'm sure Dave Chappelle has an appropriate quote for this...
  • Gin Fushicho
    So.... Maybe I should put an old game on Amazon?
  • jerreece
    Man Buys $3 Billion CD-ROM on Amazon

    An Amazon merchant posted a 3 trillion dollar pricetag for old Windows 98 software, and someone bought it.

    a whopping $2,904,980,000 USD. Yes, that's almost 3 billion dollars for outdated software.

    So which is it?
  • I have the windows 3.1 floppies.... never removed from package! D:
  • ricardok
    I've some floppies lying around. I think it's Office 95 and Windows 95. Any bids? :)