Report: "Better" Amazon Tablet Coming in January

Amazon today announced three new Kindles and a new Kindle Tablet, dubbed the Kindle Fire. However, previous Amazon tablet rumors suggested that there was not one but two Amazon tablets. The 7-inch Fire, which we saw unveiled today, and a larger 10-inch model that is supposedly set to launch in the first quarter of 2012. The story went that Amazon planned to launch the 7-inch model in time for the holidays and then, if it was successful, launch the big one next year.

Jeff Bezos didn't say anything about a second Fire during this morning's press conference. That said, word on the street still says the 10-inch model is coming, and soon. Ryan Block over at GDGT says that today's Kindle Fire is nothing more than a stopgap and that a "second, better version" is coming in about three months time.

"My sources tell me the second-gen Kindle tablet (or Kindle Fire, as it's now been dubbed) will be out in Q1 of 2012 -- yes, that soon. That was always the plan, but the delays of the v1 product have messed up Amazon's release cycle," he said, adding that the worst part of it all is that the second device seems to be the one that Amazon truly believes in.

We all know that the current pace of the mobile industry means that there's always another version coming. However, if Block is right and Amazon is releasing a superior version so soon after the first Kindle Fire goes on sale (it hits shelves November 15), we can see early adopters being very peeved. While there's definitely a market for 7-inch tablets, the Kindle Fire is supposed to be a media device, and we can't help but feel that though people may be drawn in by the appeal of this current Kindle Fire, they might realize it's a little bit dinky to be watching telly on when the 10-inch model arrives.

Amazon has not commented on rumors of a second, larger Kindle Fire, nor has it denied reports that a 10-inch model is coming in the new year.

Would you recommend the Kindle Fire to a friend or would you advise them to wait until after the holidays?


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  • Anonymous
    Today, without knowing it, I was shopping for a Kindle, and during my comparing the models (I was going to go for the 3Gwifi -- shazam! I hear about this "newer and better" model. The dilemma is simple: spend money now and be happy for a few months, then find out, I have a dated Kindle, and feel like I wasted money. The alternative now seems to be, not spending ANY money, so I wonder about Bezos playing these games with the consumers. This happens with all this new technology, and I am increasingly reluctant to make outlays-especially with money so tight and not having a clue about what the future will bring. This is the Apple tease I am sick of.and it doesn't make me like the Kindle more,
  • eklipz330
    i highly doubt amazon will choose to alienate their customers like that. the 10" will probably be ~$75 more, and have everything this one has including a bigger screen.

    and if it's a big screen you're looking for, this obviously won't fit the bill
  • media_wonder
    Its called buying stuff when it comes out and then selling it when something better comes out so you get it for cheap.