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Acer Hints at Tablet Partnership with Verizon

The holiday season is well and truly upon us and keeping our spirits high are the few companies brave enough to announce products so close to the end of the year. With a tablet launch scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, Acer is one such company. However, just what has Acer got planned?

Right now everything is being kept very hush-hush. We don’t know a lot and Acer isn’t telling us anything. Company president Gianfranco Lanci last month revealed that Acer would be launching a whole line of tablet computers on November 23, but he didn’t mention anything about what kind of OS it'll use, nor did he mention just how many tablets will launch. The only thing he did confirm was that there would be a price range between $299 and $699.

We stopped by the Acer booth at Pepcom last week and were disappointed (though not surprised) to see they hadn’t brought along any of their new toys for us to play with. We asked if they were talking about Tuesday’s event at all but they said they had nothing to share. Still, we did manage to squeeze one teeny, tiny tidbit of information out of one of the reps there.

When we inquired about the company’s plans for the Consumer Electronics Shows in Las Vegas this coming January, Acer’s reps said it would definitely be focusing a lot on tablets. When we casually asked if they had anything big planned, the rep said we’d have to wait until January to find out any details, mentioning that they’d be teaming up with Verizon at the show.

“Does that mean your tablets will be on Verizon?” I asked.

Rather than the, “You’ll have to wait and see,” I’d been getting up until that point, I was afforded a sheepish smile. I quickly scooted out of there before I was put on the ‘do not talk to’ list.

It’s only natural that Acer team up with a wireless carrier to bring a 3G versions of its tablets to the market. After all, the iPad is available through Verizon and AT&T, and the Galaxy Tab is on the four major networks. What’s not clear is if the Acer tablets will be exclusive to Verizon or if they will eventually come to other networks too.

Another thing to consider is the possibility of a 4G tablet. Verizon Chief Ivan Seidenberg is already scheduled to give one of the CES’s keynote speeches and is expected to reveal some of the network’s LTE mobile devices. Whether or not the showcase will include smartphones only remains to be seen. Still, we imagine hoping for an LTE tablet this early in Verizon’s 4G rollout might be a little unrealistic.

We’ll be heading along to the Acer event tomorrow, so stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted on how things pan out.