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AAA Now Offers Mobile Charging For EVs

Earlier today, roadside assistance company AAA announced a brand new mobile charging service for electric vehicles. The project will take off sometime this summer with six metropolitan areas each testing a mobile charging truck.

Although the trucks aren't designed to bring a full charge to electric vehicles, they have been designed to pump enough juice to get the vehicle to a nearby charging station.

According to AAA, each truck will be equipped with level 2 and level 3 chargers capable of giving a vehicle 3 to 15 miles of driving range with only ten to fifteen minutes of charging.

The company still looks to improve its efficiency by experimenting with different technologies such as a removable lithium ion battery pack or liquid fuel-run generators.

Although the program is only being tested in six regions, the company revealed that it would be launching country-wide in the near future due to popular demand. These mobile charging stations address a very important issue that prospective ev drivers may be concerned about: driving range.

Depending on conditions, most electric vehicles are easily capable of making local trips, but owners and prospective owners have surely thought about the limited supply of charging stations in comparison to gas stations. Hopefully with AAA's new service, owning an electric vehicle may become more convenient and attractive.