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3GSM: Nokia's Touchscreen for the Second Half of 2008

nokia Jonas Geust

The MWC is an opportunity to meet up with people that shape the decisions of manufacturers. Thus our interview with Jonas Geust, Nokia Europe Vice President for navigation, was an interesting one.

Tom’s Guide: With those four new models navigation oriented, is Nokia attacking head on the GPS market?

Jonas Geust: Nokia is already a leader in the mobile phone industry. We’re aiming at not only comforting that with always better models, but also widen it by offering more thorough services. That’s what Nokia Maps 2.0 is all about. It includes new features like a compass or optimized pedestrian navigation. The Nokia experience is all about this.

TG: Has the Nokia experience decided to omit touchscreens?

JG: Absolutely not! We already have a tablet that runs Linux and that met its public. I also can tell you that we’ll launch a completely touch sensitive phone during the second half of 2008.

TG: With the Nokia 6210 and 6220, we have two products that have interesting features for a price that’s very interesting. Has the mobile phone leader decided to go for a more aggressive price war?

JG: This isn’t really a change of strategy. In a nutshell, let’s say that what made the high end mobiles in 2007 is now finding its way in the mainstream segment. Hence, we’re able to offer products integrating a 5 Megapixel sensor, a GPS and many multimedia features for a price slightly higher than €300. That’s also the evolution of the mobile phone industry.