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Simple.TV Unveils Windows 8.1 and Plex Apps

With Aereo's recent Supreme Court defeat in the news, consumers are seeking out new ways to watch live network TV from their mobile devices and computers. Simple.TV is an old contender in the field, but has just introduced some new functionality sure to please videophiles: a Windows 8.1 app and integration with Plex.

Tom's Guide met with Simple.TV during the CE Week expo and learned about its new features. Simple.TV is a streaming media box that works in conjunction with an HD antenna to broadcast live content to computers, mobile devices and streaming boxes. Users can also record content and watch it later.

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The Windows 8.1 app is very straightforward. Using it, viewers can access their Simple.TV boxes and watch live TV or set programs to record, either on-the-fly or in advance. The app functions on desktops, laptops and Surface Pro tablets.

Plex integration is arguably the more interesting feature of the two. For those who haven't used it, Plex is a media player available on computers, mobile devices and set-top boxes that streams content from a user's own library. By combining Simple.TV and Plex, users can access their recorded shows from any platform (including Chromecast) on a media player they know and love.

The Simple.TV model from Silicondust sports two tuners, meaning it can broadcast live TV and record another show at the same time. It can also broadcast to five devices simultaneously as long as they have an Internet connection; it's not restricted to devices on the same network. Since you connect a Simple.TV to your own hard drive, its storage limitations are totally up to you.

Simple.TV is available in the United States, and costs $60 per year, or $150 for a lifetime subscription, plus around $200 for the box (depending on the model you get). The Windows 8.1 and Plex features are available now.

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