The TCL Q7 is getting a big upgrade in 2024 — here’s what’s in store for the 4K QLED TV

The TCL QM7 at an event at CES 2024.
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TCL has taken the wraps off its entire 2024 TV lineup at CES 2024. Among the new arrivals are the new TCL Q6 and QM8 models as well as a new-and-improved version of last year's Q7 model that will now be known as the QM7.

What's the 'M' for? Well, it stands for Mini-LED, and the Q7 line is getting one installed in next year's models. 

According to TCL, who met with Tom's Guide ahead of the show, the QM7 will offer up to 1,300 zones on its largest model (a massive 98-inch screen) and hit up to 2,000 nits of peak brightness. It uses TCL's new AIPQ Pro Processor and use a new 2.1-channel speaker system that integrates a subwoofer into the back of the TV.

In short, TCL's mid-range model is coming for the Hisense U8K, and the QM7 could just be the new budget king when it comes out later this year.

So what's coming for the QM8? 

The TCL QM8 at a press event at CES 2024.

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The new QM7 is great news for budget TV buyers out there, but it's not the be-all, end-all of TCL's 2024 lineup. That honor belongs to the new QM8. 

The new QM8 (which will go by the full model number QM851G) will be available in a standard model with up to 5,000 dimming zones and a monstrous new 115-inch model with 20,000 dimming zones and a peak brightness of 5,000 nits. 

The latter (dubbed the QM89) is a beast in its own right, but the standard QM8 — available in 65", 75", 85" and 98" — will offer several advantages over last year's TCL QM8: In addition to the boosted brightness and additional dimming zones, TCL is using a new anti-glare coating on the QM8 to make ambient light less of an issue and throwing in an ATSC 3.0 tuner that was painfully missing from last year's model.

We'll have a better idea of how these changes will affect the performance later in the week after we go hands-on with all of TCL's new TVs, but so far TCL's 2024 TV lineup looks like it will have some huge benefits for every type of TV buyer. 

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