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Notchless Pixel 3 Design Is Worthy of Android

This is the Google Pixel 3, according to Reddit’s Google Pixel subreddit.

The alleged flagship has good specs and a clean design without a notch. At last, a Google flagship that is worthy of Android — not that notch attached to a phone that is the horrible Pixel 3XL.

Credit: Reddit, r/GooglePixel

(Image credit: Reddit, r/GooglePixel)

While we will not know for sure until its rumored October 9 launch event, the photos seem like the real thing. Redditor Racer_77 — moderator of /r/GooglePixel — says that he believes it is the real McCoy: “Based on all other leaks and renders seen so far, I personally have enough confidence to say that this is likely the Pixel 3.”

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The new Pixel 3 hardware design is nothing absolutely spectacular, like the Xiaomi Mix Mi3, the Oppor Find X, or the Vivo Nex S, it is at least decent. Symmetric, clean, with an ample but manageable 5.5-inch display that doesn’t make it big enough to add wheels and turn it into a skateboard. More importantly, the screen doesn’t have a notch. Not even a tiny notch. This is a stark contrast to the Google Pixel 3XL. It’s clean, as it should be, and will fit Google’s Material design perfectly.

The Google Pixel fan response in Reddit — and everywhere I’ve seen — has been phenomenal. The design, commenters say, is “exactly what I want.” Other repeated comments were “I’m getting it” and “death to the notch.” It’s a radical departure from the comments on the Pixel 3XL, which slammed it for being “horrible” and “a mare.”

Credit: Reddit, r/GooglePixel

(Image credit: Reddit, r/GooglePixel)

The alleged specs shown in leaked screenshots show that the phone has good guts, in addition to the (notchless!) 5.5-inch  HDR-enabled 2,160 x 1,080 display with 18:9 aspect ratio, the Pixel 3 comes with a two 8-MP front cameras, one with f/1.8 and f/2.2 apertures, the other with f/1.8. In theory, these cameras will allow for some AI-based beautification as well as Animoji-style 3D motion capture.

More important, however, is the battery: 2,915mAh. That’s quite decent. Not forget-about-the-charger 4,000mAh ideal, but decent enough to give you a long day — especially compared to the lousy 2,716 mAh battery on the 5.8-inch iPhone XS.

If the photos and specs are true, this is great news. This is definitely a Google Pixel worthy of Android Pie.