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OnePlus 5t Leaked: Watch Out, Samsung

OnePlus might soon find another device on store shelves that looks eerily similar to its Galaxy S8.

Credit: Slashleaks

(Image credit: Slashleaks)

OnePlus is working on a new device that could come with a design similar to the Galaxy S8 and Apple's iPhone X. The device, which was leaked on Thursday (Oct. 12) by Slashleaks, appears to come with a screen that covers its face, leaving no room for a physical home button. A small bezel at the top leaves room for the handset's front-facing camera and earpiece.

The image, which was earlier reported on by BGR, also shows four buttons, which would ostensibly be used for volume, power, and locking the device. There's no word on its specs and what the back of the handset might look like.

OnePlus has been rumored for the last few months to be working on a new smartphone. But there's some debate over exactly when that handset might launch and what it might be called.

Some reports have suggested that OnePlus would deliver a device soon called the OnePlus 5T. Others, however, say that OnePlus is working on the OnePlus 6 for early next year and will instead nix the 5T for that handset.

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It's unclear from the Slashleaks leak which handset we're looking at and if it's even real. OnePlus, after all, has been notoriously secretive over the years, and plans can change rather rapidly.

What is clear, though, is OnePlus, like other handset makers, is looking at the possibility of taking cues from Samsung and Apple and eliminating the physical home button to deliver what amounts to higher-end designs.

Whatever the case, we'll likely find out soon. If OnePlus really wants to offer the 5T this year, it'll need to hurry to capitalize on the busy holiday shopping season.

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