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Hoping for OnePlus 5G in the U.S.? We've Got Bad News

Samsung isn’t the only company making news about a 5G version of one of its phones. OnePlus has an update on its 5G plans, too, but U.S.-based fans of the upstart smartphone brand may not like what they hear.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau announced a 5G phone at last December's Qualcomm Tech Summit. (Credit: Tom's Guide)

(Image credit: OnePlus CEO Pete Lau announced a 5G phone at last December's Qualcomm Tech Summit. (Credit: Tom's Guide))

In an interview with USA Today today (Feb. 22), OnePlus CEO Pete Lau said the company’s 5G smartphone would land first in the UK and Finland during the second quarter of 2019. British carrier EE will offer the phone in that country while Elisa will do the honors in Finland.

You might notice the U.S. is not included in that mix. While OnePlus plans to eventually launch a 5G device in this country, it sounds from Lau’s interview that the phone maker wants to wait until the new networking standard is better established here.

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"The U.S. is our most important market, so a longterm 5G focus is critically important," Lau told USA Today.

Lau says OnePlus is also developing a 4G version of the same device that will work in the U.S. Apart from 5G connectivity, Lau indicated to USA Today that the 4G and 5G versions of the phone are pretty much the same.

Credit: OnePlus

(Image credit: OnePlus)

OnePlus plans to show off a prototype of its 5G phone at next week’s Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona. The phone maker shared a cryptic image of the still-unnamed handset with USA Today that shows the top half of the rounded-corner device wrapped in reflective material. Otherwise, expect the 5G OnePlus phone to run on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor and use the chip maker’s X50 5G modem.

There’s no price set for the 5G phone from OnePlus, though Lau told USA Today that he hopes to keep it under $1,000. In previous interviews, Lau has said a 5G phone would likely cost more than OnePlus’s other handsets, which have sported midrange price tags even while offering premium features. The currently available OnePlus 6T starts at $529.