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New Leak Gives Us a Good Look at the OnePlus 5

The smartphone market will soon have another high-end offering in the form of the OnePlus 5, but some recent leaks are ruining the surprise.

Case Fanatic

Case Fanatic

Just days before OnePlus prepares to unveil its new flagship handset, a string of leaks have hit the Web that appear to show the smartphone in all its glory. The folks over at Case Fanatic have published images of cases with that will fit the upcoming OnePlus 5. The published images show a handset with a black finish and big physical home button under the screen. Above the screen, you'll find another big, black band that houses the front-facing camera and earpiece.

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Other images published by Case Fanatic, which were earlier reported on by BGR, reveal the OnePlus 5 will have a horizontally aligned dual-lens camera, a detail OnePlus itself confirmed last week with a teaser announcement that showed the back of the new phone.

The OnePlus 5 has garnered a lot of attention in recent weeks, in the build-up to its June 20 debut. And we already know a few details about the phone in advance of next week's launch. Besides the dual rear cameras, we know that the OnePlus 5 will feature a Snapdragon 835 — Qualcomm told us so. And executives from OnePlus have dropped other hints about how thin the phone will be and where you'll find its headphone jack.

Still, the big question that hasn't yet been answered is how much the OnePlus 5 might cost. Some reports pegged its price at $450 to $500 —about the same range as the OnePlus 3T. But another rumor suggests OnePlus may boost the price tag to more than $600, in an effort to position the OnePlus 5 as a premium alternative to the Galaxy S8.

Expect to get an answer on June 20 at noon ET when OnePlus reveals all the details about the OnePlus 5.