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Blackberry's New 'Adula' Phone Just Leaked

Blackberry may be working on a new phone according to a recent code-based discovery, but it’s difficult to predict what kind of device it will be.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

The suggested new phone was discovered in the code of Blackberry’s DTEK app, a Google Play download which helps users monitor and control their on-phone privacy. The codename ‘Adula’, and the model number BBI100 was found by forum users on Crackberry (via GizmoChina), convincingly indicating that the company is preparing for a new model coming out soon.

Blackberry hasn’t been a leading light in mobile devices for some time now, but for users who can’t stand modern smartphones, their devotion to old-fashioned design choices is a big selling point. You can see this in the keyboard-wielding KeyTwo, as well in the Swiss-made ‘minimalist’ smartphone, the Punkt MP02, for which Blackberry helped design the software.

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However, Blackberry has branched out into the more conventional modern smartphone styles too. The Motion is billed as an eminently practical, durable and long-lasting alternative to the average device, while the now discontinued DTEK range was sold as the ‘the world’s most secure Android smartphones’, with additional security measures added at every point in the device’s manufacture, installation and updating processes.

It’s the range of these phones that add complexity to trying to predict what the Adula might be. The number of products bearing Blackberry’s name and designs are varied, this new phone could be a new super-secure Android Pie smartphone, or a stripped-back phone that only allows you to call and text, which isn’t even technically a Blackberry-made product.

Since Mobile World Congress is around the corner, we will hopefully be able to put any rumours to bed one way or another at the event. If Blackberry is on the cusp of unveiling a new phone, it would make a lot of sense to do so at the expo in Barcelona devoted to smartphones.