TCL just announced a new 98-inch QD Mini-LED TV with an eye-searing 3,500 nits of brightness

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TCL aims to bring one of the best gaming TVs to market with the C855, a Mini-LED TV built with a ton of powerful features like a 144Hz refresh rate, HDR10+ Adaptive support, and an eye-watering 3,500 nits of peak brightness. 

The C855, which can be spotted on TCL’s website in sizes ranging from 65 to 98 inches, is an ultra-slim 4K TV that leverages a QD Mini-LED panel for superior contrast and brightness. The 85-inch model will have the largest amount of local dimming at 2,304 zones. 

On the gaming front, the TCL C855 is loaded up with all the necessities, including 144Hz VRR, ALLM, and AMD FreeSync Pro. Plus, the TCL C855 comes equipped with a bombastic 120W Onkyo speaker built on a 2.2.2 sound system for impeccable audio quality. 

It’s unclear when exactly interested buyers (and hungry gamers) can expect the C855 or at what price point, but it certainly brings some weighty competition to the ever-growing Mini-LED market and could give Hisense a run for its money. 

The best gaming TV yet? 

TCL C855 gaming

(Image credit: TCL)

TCL’s newest Mini-LED TV might come heralded as one of the best TVs if the numbers prove accurate. The display manufacturer is touting as much as 3,500 nits of peak brightness in tandem with a Delta E, or color accuracy, of under 1 and a DCI-P3 color range of 97% — which is incredibly impressive. 

TCL also claims that the C855’s Mini-LED panel will last up to 100,000 hours, which means all the time in the world to play “Rise of the Ronin” without worrying about the TV's brightness degrading. On the topic of brightness, the C855 will also have support for HDR10+ Adaptive, allowing the TV to automatically adjust to ambient lighting to compensate for its brightness output. 

With such inclusions as AMD FreeSync Premium, ALLM, VRR, and a 144Hz refresh rate, this QLED TV is certainly geared toward gamers. The TCL C855 will also use a pretty bombastic 2.2.2-channel speaker system built on 120W output, meaning you won’t need any additional options among the best soundbars — especially given that it also runs support for DTS Virtual:X and Dolby Atmos

There’s no word on pricing and availability just yet for the TCL C855 Mini-LED TV, and it’s unclear at this time if the display will be making a debut in the US market, but is sure to become one of the best TCL TVs if its purported specs hold up. Tom’s Guide has reached out for clarification on its US availability and will update the story when we know more.

Can't wait for the TCL C855? The TCL QM8 Mini-LED TV is a perfect substitute and is primely situated at the $1,000 mark when on sale.   

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