iOS 18 has a surprise upgrade that can help your iPhone live longer

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While iOS 18 is bringing a number of exciting to new features to iPhones, some smaller quality of life ones can slip through the cracks. One such feature is an update to battery charging that makes it more customizable, as shared by MacRumors.

Currently, all four iPhone 15 models have a charge limit setting. This feature prevents the phones from charging beyond 80% while toggled on. Potentially this can improve the battery lifespan by reducing the time that the battery is fully charged.

With iOS 18, Apple is adding three other percentages that can be set; 85%, 90% and 95%. 

When iOS 18 finally arrives you can find the feature in the Settings app. Go to Battery - Charging. It should be the first thing you see when you tap charging.

As it stands, the feature is only available for iPhone 15 models. Perhaps when iOS 18 officially rolls out, older devices will get access to the tool. 

Unfortunately, unless you download the developer beta, you won't be able to try iOS 18 and the charging limit feature now. A public beta will be out this July.
If you're not a fan of being Apple's guinea pig, you'll have to wait until September when iOS 18 launches widely. 

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