Ikea's new fast chargers are almost too cheap to be real

Ikea's single port USB-C charger
(Image credit: Ikea)

Ikea is known for its affordable, unassembled furniture, but the company also offers some electronic devices, including smart lights and chargers. The retailer has just released a brand new pair of fast USB chargers at a price that other companies will have a hard time competing with. 

The Sjöss, a name that covers both the single and double port versions, starts at $7.99, which is quite reasonable for a 30W USB-C charger.

Ikea didn’t release chargers with a single fast-charging spec. Instead, both Sjöss models support Power Delivery (PD 3.0), Quick Charge (QC4+), and Programmable Power Supply (PPS), so they’ll be compatible with all sorts of devices. 

The single port Sjöss supports charging speeds of 30W, while the model with two USB-C ports supports 45W charging speeds when just one port is in use and 22W for each port when charging two devices at a time.

Anker, a top name when it comes to affordable chargers, can’t hang with Ikea on this front. Anker’s cheapest fast charger is $14, and that one only offers 20W. If you want an Anker charger with 30W, you’ll need to throw down $20. For Aukey, another affordable charger company, you’ll need to plunk down $18 for a USB-C charger with PD support. Even going with Amazon Basics will cost $14 for a PD-supporting charger with USB-C. 

Ikea's charger and its colored stickers

(Image credit: Ikea)

Ikea’s chargers come with some stickers that let you mark the charger as yours. This could be helpful if you have roommates or family members with the same charger. There’s a green, orange, and blue sticker in the box. While not a game-changing inclusion, it’s a nice bonus not to worry about which charger belongs to you (assuming you remember which color sticker you use).

The furniture giant also offers an affordable USB-C cable to accompany the charger. The Lillhult USB-C to USB-C cable is $7.99, so if you don’t already have enough USB cables hanging around your home, snagging one of these might not be a bad idea. There’s a Lighting cable, too, but it’s a bit more expensive at $12.99.

Both power bricks are available to order now, though as of this writing, the single-port model is showing as unavailable for delivery. (It may be in stock at your local Ikea store, though.) The dual-port option is available for delivery, saving you a trip to the local Ikea store (though, let’s be honest, a trip to Ikea is always a good time).

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  • Eric Gold
    Very nice

    I've chosen a different solution in my home -- receptacles with USB-C. I paid $25 for a duplex (two 120V outlets and two USB-C ports) on a single gang yoke. The USB-C is 45 watts max using one port, or 22 watts per port if both are used.

    I'm happy to pay the extra money for a clean install, no wall warts, and unblocked 120V access. The main downside is the homeowner has to either pay for installation or be able to do it themselves. Also, be aware that the receptacle is bulkier than what is in place. If a shallow box is in the wall, I would not go this route.