Xbox Series X pre-orders could be coming very soon — here’s why

Xbox Series X
(Image credit: Xbox)

You may soon be able to reserve an Xbox Series X, as Australian telecoms company Telstra has messaged its customers to notify them that pre-orders for Microsoft’s next-generation console will “open-soon.” 

According to Press Start, customers who signed up for Xbox Series X alerts from Telstra will apparently get exclusive access to Xbox Series X pre-orders through Xbox All Access subscriptions. That’s Microsoft’s subscription service that bundles an Xbox console, games and Xbox Live access into one recurring monthly cost. 

“Pre-orders for the Xbox Series X with Xbox All Access will open soon. This offer is exclusive to Telstra customers – so you need a postpaid mobile, mobile broadband or home internet service with us," the messages said. 

While this pre-order offer appears to only be for Xbox All Access subscribers, it’s a pretty good hint that Microsoft is in a position for pre-orders of the Xbox Series X to get underway. So we’d be reasonably confident to expect pre-orders outside of the subscription program to happen pretty soon as well. 

The Xbox Series X is due to launch “Holiday 2020." That translates into a November launch, which means the arrival of the new games console is but four months away.

As such, it would seem like August is a good time for Microsoft to gauge the appetite for the Xbox Series X, as it won’t want to underestimate demand and leave Xbox fans frustrated that they can’t get their hands on the new console.

With pre-orders looking set to go live soon, we should also expect to hear something about how much the Xbox Series X could cost. And it could also pave the way for the Xbox Series S to be revealed. If we’re being cynical, we could foresee Microsoft opening pre-orders for the Xbox Series X ahead of the reveal of a lower-powered  but cheaper console, so as to encourage people to go for its flagship machine. 

If pre-orders for the Xbox Series X do go live this month, then we’d expect Sony to follow suit so as to not lose out to its rival. So far there’s been no official word on PS5 pricing or when pre-orders will start. 

Roland Moore-Colyer

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