Wordle’s being turned into a board game — and you can preorder it now

wordle the party game
(Image credit: Hasbro)

Wordle has taken the world by storm over the past year, to the point where the New York Times was willing to pay seven figures for the game. Now the paper seems to be cashing in on that investment with the launch of the Wordle board game.

That’s right. Wordle is leaping from the internet into the real world, in the form of a competitive party game. Aptly named “Wordle: The Party Game," and developed by Hasbro, it’ll go on sale this October for $19.99.

Each game of real-life Wordle has a single player picking a secret word, and the rest of the group have to guess what it is. A bit like Pictionary, but with five-letter words rather than poorly-scrawled drawings.

As is the case with the online Wordle, players get six attempts to guess the correct word. You then score points based on how many tries it took, and the fewer the tries the fewer the points. The winner is the person who ends the game with the smallest number.

wordle the party game

(Image credit: Hasbro)

The game comes with three Wordle game boards, a separate board for the secret word, dry-erase markers alongside a collection of green and yellow tiles — matching the ones in the online version.

You can preorder Wordle: The Party Game now

Wordle: The Party Game is already available to pre-order from Amazon, Target and Hasbro itself. So far pre-orders only appear to be open in the U.S., so any U.K. readers will have to sit tight for now. 

Given Wordle’s insane popularity, we can imagine this is going to sell out before launch. So you might want to order your own copy pronto, especially if you want one in time for the holidays.

Not only would Wordle: The Party Game make a great holiday gift, it would make a great activity for any get-togethers with friends or family. It’s also not quite as antagonistic as some board games, especially Monopoly, so shouldn’t prompt any holiday arguments.

But if this is your plan it’s worth studying up on the best Wordle start words, and make sure you’re in the best position to win.

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