Windows 11 is getting a big upgrade that should give you longer battery life

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Microsoft is currently testing a new energy saver mode for Windows 11. The operating system currently has a battery saver option, but this new mode is meant to “extend” and “enhance” the option. This should not only save battery on the best Windows laptops but even reduce the amount of energy the best PCs consume.

This feature is currently being tested in the Canary Channel of Windows Insider Program. As detailed in a blog post, the new energy saver option can be toggled on and off via Quick Settings in the system tray or configured to run automatically whenever a device reaches a certain battery percentage. Microsoft says enabling this feature can diminish performance, however.

Though optimized to extended battery life, energy saver also works on both laptops and PCs that are plugged in. This means you’ll not only conserve energy but potentially lower your electricity bill if you use a big, power-draining rig at home.


We can’t say when or if Microsoft will make this feature available to all Windows 11 users. As stated above, this feature is being tested in the Windows Insider Canary Channel, which previews features and updates that require a longer time before getting released to regular users. That means it might be a while before this feature ever surfaces for the public if the company decides to release it.

Hopefully, this enhanced energy saver mode will see the light of day eventually. I test and review laptops for a living, and I can tell you that Windows laptops generally don’t last as long as the best MacBooks on a single charge. I typically use a MacBook for a day or two before I need to charge it. In comparison, a Windows laptop requires daily charging — or to be plugged in, at least in my experience. I welcome any feature that can extend a Windows laptop’s battery life — not to mention potentially saving me money on my electricity bill.

We’ll keep you updated on this new feature and will report back after we’ve tested it ourselves.

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