Westworld season 3 trailer teases bloody war, asks if humanity will side with AI

Westworld 3 trailer still
(Image credit: HBO)

The Westworld season 3 trailer that just dropped today might as well be waving a giant flag that reads "Beyond here lies violence!" The clip, which HBO released earlier today highlights the alliances and connections that seem to be leading to a not-so-civil war, pitting AI against AI, and asking humanity to pick a side.

The footage starts with Dolores, off camera, talking about how she (and her fellow AI) were born into “this world” but not allowed to go to “your world.” We soon discover she’s talking to Caleb, a new character played by Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad). 

Caleb then nervously asks — again, off camera — her, “who are you, Dolores?” She replies, “you and I are a lot alike. They put you in a cage, decided what your life would be.” Intimating that humans of the lower class strata are more similar to the AI fighting for freedom than they are the humans who rule over all.

The trailer then briefly suggests that Caleb and Dolores will be trying to down Maeve, before we realize that Maeve’s reporting to someone else. An unnamed character, played by Vincent Cassel (Ocean’s 12), summons Maeve, and gives her instructions to hunt down Dolores. 

And then, things go wild. As an orchestral cover Guns N’ Roses “Sweet Child of Mine” plays, The Man in Black (Ed Harris) declares his intent to “save the f*cking world” — and I started to think about Westworld season 3 making a play for mainstream appeal, after season 2 saw them stumble.

Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) declares that “the plan, it’s starting.” before we learn a group of 5 of our favorite renegade AI’s are going to try and fight the odds against the rest of the world.

Henry T. Casey
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