Visible phone plan revamp drops the cost of unlimited data

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Wireless phone service provider Visible is perhaps best known for offering just one data plan — a low-cost option with unlimited talk, text and data that ranks among the best prepaid phone plans out there. But the Verizon-owned phone carrier is mixing things up by doubling the number of unlimited data plans it offers.

Visible's old plan is sticking around, though at a lower price than the $40 per month the carrier used to charge. Now $30 per month with taxes and fees included, the Visible plan continues to provide unlimited talk, text and data over Verizon's network plus unlimited hotspot use. You get 5G coverage, though it's through Verizon's nationwide 5G network, and not the carrier's faster Ultra Wideband service.

That faster Ultra Wideband 5G is now part of the new Visible Plus plan, which costs $45 per month. That plan also promises unlimited data, with 50GB of premium service. (Under Visible's cheaper plan, your data speeds can be slowed down if Verizon's network is congested.) Additionally, the Visible Plus plan includes roaming coverage when you travel to Mexico and Canada, and you can make calls to more than 30 countries from the U.S. at no additional charge.

"We're not necessarily losing anything on simplicity," said Angie Klein, CEO of Visible and chief revenue officer of Tracfone & Verizon Prepaid.

Visible unlimited data plans

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Visible's revamped plans compare favorably to the best cheap phone plans from competitors. Tello features a $29 unlimited data plan, and you can also get unlimited data from Mint Mobile for $30 per month, provided you commit to a year of service. Visible's new $30 price brings its plan in line with those rival options.

As for Visible Plus, Klein told Tom's Guide that the addition of international calling addresses a requested feature from Visible customers. "We listened to our members and what they wanted, and that was additional features our base plan doesn't have," she said.

Faster 5G coverage through Verizon's network also figures to be a big draw for Visible's new plan. While Verizon's nationwide network can reach more than 230 million people, speeds lag behind T-Mobile 5G. Ultra Wideband, which consists of Verizon's millimeter wave towers as well as its newly launched C-band 5G coverage, boosts speeds in areas where it's available.

Visible Plus plan: $45 a month from Visible

Visible Plus plan: $45 a month from Visible
Visible's newly launched unlimited data plan includes 5G Ultra Wideband coverage, 50GB of premium data and the ability to place calls from the U.S. to more than 30 countries. Taxes and fees are included in that monthly rate. Visible also offers a $30 monthly plan with fewer perks.

Visible's reshuffled plan lineup does drop an appealing offering to people looking for discounts on multiple lines. Visible's Party Pay program lowered pricing as you added other lines of data, with parties of four or more able to get unlimited data for just $25 per line. Party Pay isn't part of the new plans, Klein said.

Instead, Visible sounds like it's promoting customer referrals as a way to reduce your monthly phone bill. Visible customers who refer other people to the service can get $20 off their monthly rate, with the ability to rack up 12 months of discounts for referrals. Referred customers get $20 off their first month of service at Visible, too.

Existing Party Pay customers will be able to keep their discounts, with the ability to make changes to their plans between now and October 18.

The new Visible rates go live today (August 17), with new customers able to sign up for either the $30 Visible or $45 Visible Plus plan. Existing customers can switch to either plan, too, though they'll need to obtain a new SIM card from Visible.

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