Twitch streaming on Xbox Series X is about to get even easier

Xbox Series X on wooden table.
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Xbox Series X owners who fancy becoming the next streaming sensation will be pleased to know that Twitch broadcasting on the console is set to become even easier. This is due to an upcoming system update that is currently being tested by Xbox Insiders.  

This update, flagged by Larry Hryb aka Major Nelson, allows console owners to start a Twitch stream directly from the Guide menu. This is a fairly substantial improvement to the console's streaming capabilities and will make broadcasting on Xbox a more streamlined experience. 

The new feature allows you to start a live stream by navigating to the “Capture and Share” tab of the Guide menu and selecting “Live Streaming." From here you can opt to “Go live now” and instantly begin streaming your game action to people from all over the world via a linked Twitch account.  

On the Xbox Series X currently, if you wanted to start a Twitch stream directly from the console you need to download the separate Twitch app and launch a stream from there. However, this upgrade integrates the ability to begin a broadcast with the Xbox user interface. 

The Xbox Insiders in the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring were given access early to the feature this month. When the upgrade will be rolled out to all Xbox players hasn't been confirmed, but we expect to see it available to all within the next few weeks. The feature will also be added to the Xbox Series S and Xbox One consoles. 

This isn’t the only feature that Xbox Insiders are currently testing out. The latest Xbox update also adds the ability to play next-gen games on the Xbox One via cloud gaming. This feature could be quite significant, as it allows gamers who haven’t yet upgraded to a next-gen console to experience games that demand power beyond the Xbox One’s eight-year-old hardware; just bear in mind you'll need a robust internet connection. 

If you’re a budding streamer, then now may be the time to start hunting down an Xbox Series X restock.

Rory Mellon
Entertainment Editor (UK)

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