This smart dog tag uses Apple’s Find My network, just like an AirTag

yip smart tag with rose gold cover on blue background
(Image credit: YIP)

If you've ever been worried about losing your pet, you may have invested in some sort of tracking device. But GPS and cellular options tend to come with recurring costs, which may put you off. 

The YIP Smart Tag aims to get around that by utilizing Apple’s ‘Find My’ network, just like an AirTag, instead. The idea is that the tag will ping from any nearby iPhones to give you a better idea of where your furry friend has been, plus it's also compatible with Samsung SmartThings, for the people who don’t use iPhones.

But it’s worth mentioning that not having to pay for any data or recurring subscriptions comes with a downside. With those devices you can get a pretty accurate look at your pet’s location in real time, no matter where they are. In the case of Apple’s ‘Find My’ network it relies on them being close to an iPhone user, and staying completely still until you retrieve them.

Dog and cat owners will know full well that they’re not very good at staying still, especially when they’re outside. That’s why Apple warned against using AirTags to track pets and people, rather than objects.

Plus if you’re out in the sticks, the chances of there being enough iPhone users to help you hunt down your missing pet are slim. Cell and GPS coverage is much more widespread, however.

In other words there are better options than this, but a Find My-capable tag is certainly better than nothing, particularly if you live in a built-up area where levels of iPhone usage is probably pretty high.

The YIP is designed to be a replacement for an ordinary collar tag, complete with an engraving-friendly surface to add whatever details your pet should be carrying around with it.  

The tag is available in either rose gold or black, and is water resistant to protect it from the elements. The electronics are powered by a replaceable 2032 coin cell battery, which should last up to a year.

The YIP Smart Tag costs just $35 at PetSmart, which is an enticing price tag. The only question you have to ask yourself is whether the low cost is worth the more restrictive functionality. 

Tom Pritchard
UK Phones Editor

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