This new PS5 update finally adds what I've been waiting for

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Showing off your PS5 highlight reel is about to become so much easier. That's because Sony's just rolling out the option to automatically upload game clips and screenshots to the PlayStation mobile app and then share them.

You can check out a rundown of the feature in Sony announcement video below, showing how you can access, browse and view/play images and video.

But there are some limitations. Clips have to be under three minutes in length, otherwise they won't be uploaded. They also can't be "Trophy Moment" clips that get recorded when you unlock an in-game accomplishment. Also automatically uploaded clips and screenshots will only be around for 14 days before disappearing, so make sure if it's a moment you're going to want to show off for months to come, you save it onto your phone manually. 

Fortunately, if you want to keep your captures for longer, there's a select and download function built into the app to do this easily for multiple clips and screenshots at a time. Alternatively you can share it through the app's Game Base interface or via your social media apps to show it off to your gaming companions more directly.

Want to set this up? Go to Settings > Captures > Auto-upload. Alternatively, you can go into the Media Gallery from either the PS menu or the Games section of the main menu, and you can enable it from there.

A long-awaited, obvious feature

This is something that made sense to me as a feature from the moment I got my PS5. With all the trouble surrounding PS5 restocks, not everyone who wants to try out the best PS5 games has been able to do so. And of course, I am more than happy to demonstrate/show off what I've been playing.

While you could always share stuff through the PlayStation's own social features, it's not the way I primarily interact with gaming friends. The social apps on my phone are though, so having an easier way to get to my clips and screens from my phone, even if they're only uploaded on the PS App temporarily is ideal.

It's just a shame then that this feature hasn't gone live for me in the U.K, yet. The rollout is continuing into March, so it shouldn't be too long until I can show off my favorite Deathloop assassinations or weird physics moments and Easter eggs in Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

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