This new HBO Max movie updates a classic story — and it's 82% on Rotten Tomatoes

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A brand-new HBO Max movie is proving the third time's the charm for Father of the Bride! The classic story is back in a new, Latin-flavored reboot starring Andy Garcia, Gloria Estefan and Adria Arjona. The latest version may become as beloved as the 1950 original and a 1991 remake, as it currently has a 82 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes

That may change as more reviews flow in, but it's looking like the new Father of the Bride will be a streaming hit after it premieres June 16. Like its predecessors, the movie revolves around a loving, but uneasy, dad trying to cope with his daughter's impending nuptials. Of course, the story is updated for the current times, featuring Cuban-American and Mexican families, gender role reversals, and the upending of traditional wedding norms. And the clash between generations now occurs between boomers and millennials.

Here's what you need to know about the Father of the Bride reboot and a rundown of reviews.

Father of the Bride 2022 vs the first two movies

Father of the Bride began as a 1949 novel by Edward Streeter. A year later, the story was adapted into a film by director Vincente Minnelli and starring Spencer Tracy and Elizabeth Taylor as the father and the bride. It was a commercial and critical success, earning Oscar nominations for Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Screenplay.

Fun fact: The movie premiered just two days after Taylor's (first) real-life wedding to Nicky Hilton, for which she wore a dress designed by movie costumer Helen Rose. 

In 1991, Steve Martin headlined a remake, co-written by director Charles Shyer and Nancy Myers. The cast included Diane Keaton, Kimberly Williams, Martin Short, BD Wong and Kieran Culkin. It also was a hit with moviegoers and critics.   

The 2022 reboot stars Andy Garcia as Cuban-American patriarch Billy, who is stunned by the news that his daughter Sofia (Adria Arjona) is getting married. 

Like his predecessors, Billy has some misgivings about the wedding. He's weirded out that Sofia proposed to fiancé Adan (Diego Boneta), instead of the more traditional "man gets down on on knee" fashion. They don't want a "classic" wedding, but instead want one officiated by a friend from the Zen Center. Billy also has a difficult time bonding with his future son-in-law, whose idea of playing sports is hiking. Then there's Adan's ultra-rich Mexican dad, who makes Billy feel like his own accomplishments as an architect are less-than. 

But the biggest new twist in Father of the Bride 2022 is that Billy's own marriage to Ingrid (Gloria Estefan) is on the rocks. They've been seeing a counselor for a year, but divorce seems inevitable. Billy persuades Ingrid to hide their marital problems so they don't spoil their little girl's big day. 

Somehow, we feel like the wedding might end with two happily-ever-afters.

Father of the Bride reviews

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Currently, Father of the Bride has a 82 percent Rotten Tomatoes rating off 11 reviews. That's not enough for a critical consensus or that Certified Fresh sticker, but more reactions should be arriving soon. Here's what some of the top critics are saying:

Entertainment Weekly's Leah Greenblatt declares that "it's just fun," adding that the movie combines "glossy escapism with storytelling that centers a demographic long relegated to the sidelines in mainstream American movies."

Sheri Linden of The Hollywood Reporter writes that this reboot puts "a welcome twist on the premise" that gives the "the father’s POV more emotional weight." Linden notes, "Most of the best lines in the movie go to Garcia, who makes them sing."

The Wrap's Carlos Aguilar says, "[Director Gaz] Alazraki and [screenwriter Matt] Lopez manage to make it feel so rooted in the Latino background of their characters that comparison to the older films doesn’t seem all that relevant. This one stands on its own."

Tomris Laffly of The AV Club calls it a "cheerful, vibrant and culturally precise reimagining" and praises how the director and screenwriter "joyously melt all the ingredients into a hearty hotpot of generational clash, cultural conflict, patriarchal one-upmanship and domestic chaos, allowing the uniqueness of both the Cuban and Mexican cultures to shine through in their Latinx tapestry."

Screenrant's Ferdosa has a more negative take, writing, "The jokes are born from tired tropes and archetypes and there is a distinct lack of zaniness and originality. This version of Father of the Bride follows the same path as previous iterations, but with a few detours that are entirely expected and not at all fun."

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