The Xbox Series X mini fridge being scalped is peak 2021

Screengrab of Xbox Mini Fridge opening from release trailer.
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This week saw the launch of the Xbox Series X mini fridge. Once an internet meme, now an actual product you can buy. Or, one you could have bought if scalpers hadn’t hoovered up all the stock and listed the product on various resale sites with a ridiculous markup. 

Stock shortages and inflated resale prices have become a common occurrence over the last 18 months. Popular tech products like the PS5 and iPhone 13 have been targeted, alongside more bizarre items like McDonald’s Pokemon cards. However, a themed mini fridge being scalped really is peak 2021. 

The Xbox Series X mini fridge is exclusively available at Target and has a standard retail price of $99. The first wave of pre-orders went live yesterday, and the accessory sold out quicker than even an Xbox Series X restock. Target’s entire allocation was claimed within less than five minutes, and the situation in the U.K. where the cooler is being sold by retailer Game was similar. 

To the shock of literally nobody, within seconds retailers announcing the product was sold out listings appeared on popular reselling platforms. The majority of scalpers seem to be attempting to flog the Xbox Series X mini fridge for $250-300, a quite outrageous fee for a product that is clearly supposed to be a novelty item for hardcore Xbox fans. 

Product listings for Xbox Series X mini fridge on eBay

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Fear not, disappointing gamers worried that their beverages will forever be lukewarm, there’s good news. Xbox’s Social Media Manager, Josh Stein, took to Twitter to confirm that the mini fridge is “not a one-and done” product, and there will be more available on launch day in December as well as the potential for more stock throughout 2022. Don’t give in to the scalpers! 

If you’re confused about how the Xbox Series X mini fridge came to exist, we don’t blame you. It all started as an online joke when gamers noticed the design of the Xbox Series X console is rather fridge-like. Microsoft steered into the skid by making an actual Xbox Series X fridge for promotional purposes.

After this went down well with Xbox fans, Microsoft announced it would produce purchasable Xbox Series X mini fridges if the brand won a social media contest that pitted well-known companies against each other. The Xbox community rallied to ensure a victory, and the result is this glorious kitchen appliance being available to purchase. 

The mini fridge features LED lights on top, two inner-door shelves, a USB port to charge devices, a DC power adapter to enable it to work on the go, and has a storage capacity of up to 12 cans. If you want to get your hands on one without resorting to paying scalper prices, we have a helpful where to buy an Xbox Series X mini fridge guide that will be updated as more stock becomes available. 

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