The LG C3 OLED and G3 OLED TVs open CES 2023 with a bang

The LG C3 OLED on a shelf.
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CES 2023 hasn’t even officially begun yet, but that hasn’t stopped LG from announcing a number of new OLED TVs coming our way in 2023, including the LG C3 and G3 OLED.

According to information about the TVs shared with Tom’s Guide, both new OLED TVs will use the new α9 AI Processor Gen6 for improved upscaling and enhanced dynamic tone mapping in addition to powering virtual 9.1.2 surround sound right out of the box.

Beyond the upgrades to upscaling and audio reproduction, LG says the G3 OLED will also come with Brightness Booster Max technology — a combination of a new lighting structure and lighting algorithm — that helps to make it 70% brighter than before and a new no-gap wall-mount.

As for the LG C3 OLED, well, it looks like there are a few smaller changes afoot besides the processor like Quick Media Switching VRR that LG says “eliminates the momentary ‘black screen’ that sometimes occurs when switching between content played from different sources” but didn’t say too much else about what makes it different from last year’s excellent LG C2 OLED. Unfortunately, however, LG says that the C3 won’t come with an ATSC 3.0 tuner.

LG’s still all about the OLED TVs in 2023 

The LG C3 OLED TV on a white background.

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While the LG C3 and LG G3 OLED TVs are among some of the most anticipated new TVs coming in 2023, they're not the only models we'll see from LG. To wit, we'll also get a new LG B3 OLED and LG Z3 8K OLED later next year, too. 

Despite seeing some real traction during the most recent shopping holidays, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, LG says that there likely won't be a new A3 OLED this year to follow up on last year's LG A2 OLED.

In addition to the new OLED models, there will be three QNED models on sale in 2023 — the QNED85, QNED80 and QNED75 — and smaller budget-focused models. 

As for QD-OLED TVs? LG isn't announcing any CES this year, which means we're unlikely to see any until next year at the earliest.

LG hasn't announced price and release date information for any of the new TVs announced at CES so far, but you can expect that info closer to their launch later this year. That said, if you need a new OLED for the Super Bowl, check out the best TV of 2023 available right now, the LG C2 OLED.

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