Star Wars Biomes and Vehicle Flythroughs are the perfect staycation treat for May the 4th

Star Wars Biomes and Vehicle Flythroughs are the perfect staycation treat for May the 4th
(Image credit: Disney Plus/Lucasfilm)

Disney Plus is letting users soar on Star Wars Day, providing a way to take a short trip across a galaxy far, far away through their phones or tablets. A trio of new videos (two under the Star Wars: Vehicle Flythroughs name, the other a Star Wars Biomes) just dropped on Disney Plus that should provide some interplanetary calm on this May the Fourth. 

Biomes is an early favorite out the gate, as it takes you on an intergalactic tour, starting with the wintery mix of Hoth, where droids fly, lasers blast and AT-AT walkers are seen in the distance. Disney Plus doesn't provide credits for these clips, but it certainly sounds like John Williams' epic score (or one just like it) is playing softly in the background.

Then, you're soaring through the Tattooine deserts, where Tusken Raiders ride Banthas across hills, and you'll come close to a sandcrawler. Don't worry about the Jawas, they won't raid your TV or streaming device for spare parts. The moment where a landspeeder drives in front of you is another highlight.

The best of the Star Wars: Biomes bunch is arguably set at the oddest angle: the red salt planet of Crait (via The Last Jedi) is seen from overhead. This way, you get the geometric patterns created by treading on the ground, plus top-down views of First Order vehicles.

Fans of the Millennium Falcon and the Star Destroyer, though, will want to open up Star Wars: Vehicle Flythroughs, which gives you 4-5 minute tours of each iconic vessel. The ships are devoid of inhabitants, which makes the visuals of the Star Destroyer all the more eerie. You're not supposed to be here, are you?

These videos are so cool, in fact, that I wish Disney Plus had a way to set videos to play on "repeat" or make a playlist.

Just the cherry on top of the Star Wars Day cake

Elsewhere on Disney Plus, you can watch Star Wars: The Bad Batch to see the continuation of the Clone Wars series. The first 75-minute episode just went live, and the second (shorter) episode is due Friday.

Disney Parks also just unveiled a new visual for its working lightsaber, which has an extending beam of light, complete with sound effects. It will be a key part of the 2022 Star Wars hotel experience. 

We've also found more Star Wars Lego than you can shake a Darksaber at, if you're looking for a fun way to relax and nerd out.

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