Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer leaks — and it’s so horrible you should avoid at all costs

Spider-Man: No Way Home
(Image credit: Marvel/Disney)

Anyone hoping to steer clear of spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home might want to stay off social media for a while and avoid the #SpiderManNoWayHome hashtag on Twitter. The first trailer for the movie has allegedly leaked online, and that means spoilers are starting to hit social media.

Fortunately, the leak has a pretty horrendous quality, which should be enough to make most people wait for the official release. The bad news is some people watched it anyway, and they want to talk about it.

As reported by GamesRadar, the leak itself is dotted about all over the place right now, especially in the Marvel subreddits. And it appears to be a phone video of a phone video, with the original playing an Instagram story. But the trailer is in landscape, while the story is in portrait. 

On top of that, there’s a huge watermark covering the trailer, and the camerawork is very, very shaky. To make matters worse the audio is not good, as you’d expect going through all those layers. 

You could gleam plenty of details from this trailer if you really wanted to, but honestly it’s not worth the effort. You can’t make out everything, and you are a lot better off just waiting for the official version.

Spider-Man star Tom Holland has posted on his Instagram story that "You ain’t ready", so an official trailer could be on the way soon.

Marvel has a pretty packed slate this year, thanks to a series of pandemic-induced delays. Not only was Falcon and The Winter Soldier pushed back by several months, Black Widow and Eternals were both pushed back by over a year. 

That may go some way to explaining why we haven’t seen much about Spider-Man: No Way Home, even though the film is due out in December. However, this leak does tell us one thing: the trailer appears ready to go.

GamesRadar also reports that Sony has an event at CinemaCon in Las Vegas today (August 23), so the "Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer could be shown there behind closed doors before being unleashed on the public later this week."

We don’t know when the trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home will actually debut. But whether it happens tomorrow or next month, you really don’t want to watch the leaked version. It really is that bad.

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