Samsung Wallet is here to take on Apple Wallet — and it has seriously smart features

Samsung wallet
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Samsung has just launched the Samsung Wallet, a new payment platform that combines Samsung Pay with Samsung Pass into one service to rule all your digital IDs, payment and loyalty cards, keys and more. 

In effect, this will give Samsung phone users, such as those with the Galaxy S22, a tool that’s much like the Apple Wallet available on iPhones. Secured by Samsung’s Knox security, Samsung Wallet can hold payment cards, tickets, and IDs like a driver’s license all within one location; it’s worth noting that official ID card support will arrive later in the year. 

But as an added bonus, there’s integration with the Samsung Blockchain Wallet, which lets users monitor cryptocurrency portfolios — handy for such a volatile form of digital currency. There’s also SmartThings integration, meaning you can use the Samsung Wallet to unlock doors with smart locks and digital keys; these keys can also work on cars that support them, such as vehicles from BMW, Genesis, and Hyundai. 

This level of integration should give Samsung phone users a more compelling reason to use the Samsung Wallet over the likes of Google Pay, which is widely available on the best Android phones

An Apple Wallet clone? 

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(Image credit: Samsung)

However, the unique features the Samsung Wallet offers arguably can’t stand up to the functionality coming to Apple Wallet with the upcoming iOS 16 update.

Such features include ID cards stored in Apple Wallet that can be presented in apps for verification, all from a tap of a button. Apple Pay Later offers the ability for customers to split a purchase into four equal payments over six weeks with no interest or fees to pay. And Order Tracking provides detailed receipts and order tracking information for Apple Pay transactions that can be displayed in the Apple Wallet.

As such, there’s scope for Samsung Wallet to build out functionality, but the features it launches with are nevertheless compelling when compared to other digital wallets on Android phones. Currently, the Samsung Wallet is rolling out to Galaxy phones in the U.S., France, Germany Italy, Spain, and the U.K. All users need to do is open the Samsung Pay or Samsung Pass apps on eligible Galaxy devices running Android 9 Pie or later, and follow the update prompts.

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