PS5 startup screen allegedly leaked — here's your first look

(Image credit: Sony)

If you’re struggling to wait the 40 days until the first PlayStation 5 units are delivered, then Reddit has provided a little snippet to keep you going: the boot up animation of the console.

Or at least, it might be. Judge for yourself.

PS5 UI Startup Leak (Video) from r/PS5

The source of the video is reddit user wsb_BernieMadoff (presumably not that one) who claims they paid €100 (~$117) to somebody in Russia for the footage. Frustratingly, there’s clearly a lot more to the clip, as you can see the video progress bar has a lot further to run before it ends. That suggests that the rest of the video either contained identitive information, or simply that the source believes they can get more money for the juicy content that follows.   

The redditor also took to the r/russian board for help translating both the text on screen and the background chat. While the former is just a standard epilepsy warning, the latter is somewhat more revealing: 

- "And why does Sony need [a] double camera? Is that for two users, each one connects to different Bluetooth?"

- "No, it’s like a double camera in mobile phones."

- "Portrait mode?" 

- "Yep."

People are divided as to whether the clip is legitimate, and even if it is, whether it was money well spent, given the bulk of the footage is remarkably similar to that already demoed by Sony back in June.

Personally, I’m inclined to give the video the benefit of the doubt. If it is just the clip above plastered onto a TV with classic PlayStation login icons added in, then it’s very well done. And while others are stating that the black control pad is a dead giveaway given Sony has only announced a white pad and console, I’d say it’s pretty close to inevitable that a black one will come eventually. Plus, it wouldn’t be the first time a black PS5 pad has leaked.

For their part, wsb_BernieMadoff doesn’t seem entirely convinced. “Scammed or not, I’m happy I could at least get a video out for the community,” they wrote.

The PlayStation 5 arrives in American on November 12, priced at $499 or $399 depending on whether you can live without a Blu Ray drive. But if you haven’t already pre-ordered, then good luck getting one. The pre-order process has been a bumpy one, with the console selling out everywhere almost instantly. We’re keeping an eye on where stock is returning, so bookmark this page if you’re still on the hunt.

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