PS5 restocks expected at Game, Very, and Smyths Toys this week — here’s what we know

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Last week was one of the sparser weeks of PS5 restocks we’ve seen since February, with just one retailer restocking Sony’s games console in the U.K. This was likely due to the shorter working week, but it looks like retailers will be making up for lost time this week. 

According to @PS5StockAlertUK, over the next few days we can expect at least three major retailers to be taking orders of the PS5. This would make this week one of the best weeks to be attempting to buy the console since launch, which will surely delight gamers still eager to get their hands on a console. 

PS5: £449 @ Game

PS5: £449 @ Game
Sony's flagship gaming console, the PlayStation 5, is expected to be restocked at Game this week. The retailer will typically put the majority of its stock into bundles, so expect to pay a little bit more than the console's £449 base price here. 

PS5: £449 @ Smyths Toys

PS5: £449 @ Smyths Toys
The PS5 is one of the most in demand tech products in the world right now, and Smyths Toys has been tipped to have a PS5 restock at some point this week. 

PS5: £449 @ Very

PS5: £449 @ Very
Very is currently sold out of the PS5, but not for long according to the latest restock rumours. The retailer is expected to restock the console later this week, it will almost certainly sell out in minutes. 

The stock tracking social media account claims that Game, Very and Smyth Toys should be dropping stock either Wednesday (April 7) or Thursday (April 8). While no exact times have given the account does suggest that restocks are most likely to take place in the morning roughly between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m.  

Based on past evidence this tallies up nicely with what we’d expect to see, as all three retailers are due a restock at this point has been pretty quiet on the PS5 restock front for around two weeks. The timings we’re less sure of, especially as Smyth Toys has a nasty habit of dropping stock at seemingly arbitrary times. 

Normally we don’t put much stock in unsubstantiated claims from stock tracking Twitter accounts. However, this account is one of the biggest around and has a decent (but not flawless) track record when it comes to being on the money. The account also reports that Argos and Amazon won’t be dropping stock until next week, so don’t hold your breath if you’re waiting for a drop from either of them. 

While we definitely believe there is a decent chance that these restock predictions will come true, it’s important to remember that they are just predictions at this point. Certainly don’t take them as a confirmation. Past experience has shown that even when all signs point to a certain retailer restocking at a certain time, it’s no guarantee. 

If you want to make sure you don’t miss a drop this week, or any week for that matter, make sure you’re keeping tabs on our where to buy a PS5 guide, where we’re tracking restocks at every major retailer to help make securing a PS5 a little bit easier. 

How to get your console during these PS5 restocks

Unfortunately, there is no foolproof way of ensuring that you received that much-coveted order confirmation email when a retailer has a PS5 restock. Even nearly five months post-launch, actually buying a PS5 requires a healthy dose of luck. 

There are however a few tips we can give you that can help shorten the odds in your favour. When you’re competing with thousands of equally desperate shoppers, not to mention an army of scalper bots, any advantage you can gain could be the difference between bagging yourself a PS5 and walking away empty-handed.  

Before jumping into some retailer-specific tips, let’s cover one critical step that applies to any retailer that stocks the PS5. Ensure you have an account set up ahead of time, and pre-save your address and payment information. This might sound like an obvious step but just getting stock in your shopping cart is only half the battle, being able to checkout at a rapid speed will give you a serious leg up on customers stuck entering their address and card info. 

Game — Bundles is the keyword at Game. Unfortunately, the retailer has a nasty habit of combining its limited PS5 inventory with a variety of additional products. This can range from the useful, like an extra controller or a PS5 game, to the not-quiet-so-useful, like a PlayStation branded snapback cap. The standalone console always sells out in seconds so when Game restocks the PS5 you need to opt for a bundle if you want the best chance of securing a console, act quickly and you can usually get one with some stuff you’ll actually use at least. 

Smyths Toys — Smyth Toys has been known in the past to restock in the evening, which can be handy if you’re at work during the day, or just for those who enjoy a lie-in. Smyths Toys typically restocks in waves as well, so if you jump onto the site and the console is already sold out don’t immediately lose hope. Keep refreshing the listing page and you may just get lucky. The retailer has recently added a £7.99 delivery charge to orders, which does sting a bit considering you’re already paying £449 for the console. 

Very — Very is another retailer that likes to tact on additional extras to PS5 orders. It does offer the console standalone but during restocks this option will sell out in seconds, and sometimes the retailer doesn’t even make the console available for purchase on its own. At least the additional extras are normally useful items like a second DualSense wireless pad, a copy of a game like Spider-Man: Miles Morales, or a subscription to Sony’s online service PlayStation Plus. If you want a PS5 from Very, you’ll likely have to accept paying more than the console RRP.  

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