PS5 just got 1440p support and these other great upgrades

PS5 console and controller
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A new PS5 update is in the works at Sony, and the newly announced beta comes with two features that PlayStation enthusiasts are going to love.

First off, the PS5's finally gaining support for 1440p video output. If you've got one of the best PS5 monitors or best gaming TVs that work with this resolution, then you can either get native or 4K supersampling, depending on what the individual game offers. You can choose 1440p by going to the Screen and Video menu and selecting it from the Resolution drop-down menu.

A screenshot from the PS5's system menu, showing the new ability to enable 1440p video output

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If you're not sure if your TV or monitor supports this resolution, the PS5 will be able to tell you. In the same options menu, there's a "Test 1440p Output" function that will quickly answer your question and let you pick the ideal output resolution for your setup.

PS5 Gamelists

The other new PS5 feature is Gamelists. These are custom folders that you can use to organize your many games, be they physical, streaming or downloaded titles. You only get 15 lists to play with, and a maximum of 100 games per list, but that's hopefully enough for most users to sort their library how they want to.

To use this, go to the Your Collection menu and then select the Create Gamelist option. From here you can then add games and name the list.

A screenshot from the PS5's system menu, showing the new gamelists feature

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PS5: Stereo vs 3D audio 

For audio, the PS5 can now show you the difference between stereo and 3D audio in the relevant set-up menu. Before you'd have to make your own comparison if you wanted to figure out which suited you best, so now it'll be much simpler to do.

A screenshot from the PS5's system menu, showing the new option to compare stereo and 3D audio

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Other PS5 upgrades 

Also new are more prominent Resume Activity buttons in game hubs to help you jump back to where you were last time, request party members to share their screen when in voice chat, notifications to join other users' games when joining a party with them, the ability to more easily view friends' profiles and the option to send stickers and voice notes to your Game Base groups.

How to try the PS5 beta features

You need to live in U.S., Canada, Japan, U.K., Germany or France and get a specific invite to try out these features right now. For the rest of us, Sony says it aims to roll out the features to all users "later this year," Hopefully, we'll all be enjoying 1440p gaming and nicely arranged gaming libraries in just a few months.

As the PS5 gains new features, it will also lose the Accolades feature.

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