James Bond No Time to Die stars Nokia's first 5G phone: Here's when you can get it

Nokia 10 in the new James Bond film, No Time to Die
(Image credit: Eon Productions)

At one point in the upcoming James Bond movie No Time to Die, Agent Nomi, the newly-minted 007, says "36 hours in pursuit, and we're still going strong" while the camera shows the corner of her Nokia-branded handset with 20% battery life displayed.

Turns out, that phone may actually be the new Nokia 10 — formerly rumored to be called the Nokia 9.2 — and that blatant product placement may mean that the device has a two-day battery life.

Let’s hope that’s a real feature and not a fantasy spec concocted by Q.

Nokia 10 battery level

20% after 36 hours pursuit sounds too good to be true. (Image credit: Eon Productions)

Nokia’s first 5G phone — which manufacturer HMD Global will launch on March 19 — will be heavily featured in the female Bond’s debut film. Our sister site TechRadar got an early look at the phone in a 90 second video teaser made from clips from the movie. That’s a lot of footage for a simple product placement.

According to our colleagues, the teaser shows Agent Nomi using “Google Assistant to bring up photos, navigation directions and send text messages using her voice.” The clip follows a Bond-themed launch teaser that is clearly reminiscent of the iconic moving target intro featured in past 007 outings.

There’s little information about the Nokia 10 beyond that hint at a potential 48-hour battery life, though it must be said that kind of longevity on a charge would certainly be surprising for a 5G phone. Devices with 5G connectivity guzzle juice faster than Sean Connery downs dry martinis.

Nokia 10 21:9 display

A 21:9 display? (Image credit: Eon Productions)

In the video, we can see a teardrop selfie camera dipping into a full-screen display that nearly covers the entirety of the phone's front, save for a small bezel emblazoned with the Nokia logo. It seems like a tall phone too. Similar to the latest Sony Xperia devices, this mystery Nokia handset appears to employ a 21:9 aspect ratio panel.

On the back, there’s a circular camera housing protruding from the device's blue body. While the Nokia 9 Pureview had five lenses, the Nokia 10 seems to have four, plus the LED flash. There’s no information about the camera, but another product plug in the film shows that there are macro, wide-angle, portrait and night modes (see below).

There’s also a fingerprint reader just under the notch. No in-display fingerprint for you, 007.

Nokia 10 camera modes

Some of Nokia 10’s camera modes: macro, wide angle and night mode (Image credit: Eon Productions)

Other than that, there’s nothing else to see here. While the movie has been pushed back to November 25 from its original April 10 U.S. release due to coronavirus concerns, we will only have to wait for the Nokia 10’s March 19 launch to get a proper picture of the company's first 5G flagship.

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