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iPhone Flip leak teases a colorful and affordable foldable phone

iPhone flip leak
(Image credit: Concepts iPhone/YouTube)

There have been plenty of rumors about the iPhone Flip, Apple’s rumored foldable phone, but so far it’s not been clear what sort of design the phone will use. A fold-out design like Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 2? Or a flip phone style clamshell like the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 3?

Apple is said to have considered both options, but according to a new report from Jon Prosser, it seems Cupertino may be going for the latter.

According to the latest episode of Front Page Tech, Prosser’s video show, sources say Apple has put both iPhone Flip prototypes through the gauntlet and has decided to focus its attention on the clamshell design. That’s right, the way things are going the first foldable iPhone could be the very first Apple-brand flip phone. 

Prosser does note that Apple isn’t very far along with this project, dismissing rumors and reports that claim we could see the iPhone Flip as early as next year. Prosser also notes that Apple is planning on releasing the phone in a multitude of “fun” colors, and speculates that this could mean it’s being set up as a general-purpose device for the masses. 

In other words, the iPhone Flip may not be as pricey as some other foldable phones. Right now the Galaxy Z Flip 5G sells for $1,199, which is $250 off the original price. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is currently priced at $999, which is a whopping $1,000 off since we reviewed the phone. 

It’s not clear why Apple would choose the clamshell design for the foldable iPhone. Obviously a flip phone design takes up less space than a fold-out tablet, while still retaining a full-sized iPhone display. A larger tablet-like iPhone would inevitably be compared to the iPad, which Apple may want to avoid.

Of course things may change. If development of the iPhone Flip is still at the early stage Prosser claims, there’s still plenty of opportunity for Apple to switch lanes and go in a different direction. 

Whether it will actually happen is another matter, and we won’t know for sure until we start hearing more leaks, or Apple makes some sort of official announcement. I wouldn’t count on the latter happening for some time.

We’ll bring you more on the iPhone Flip as we hear it. In the meantime, however, Samsung is readying a Galaxy Z Flip 3 for this year. 

Tom Pritchard

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