iPhone 14 Pro Max leaker just spilled a ton of details

iPhone 14 Pro render front and back
(Image credit: Volodymyr Lenard)

The iPhone 14 Pro Max is months away from launch, but if a new leak is accurate we may already know its exact measurements and much more.

That's thanks to Twitter leaker VNchocoTaco, AKA ShrimpApplePro, who has published alleged CAD renders and some precise measurements for the largest upcoming iPhone model. 

If accurate, these measurements indicate that while the base iPhone 14 may enjoy some upgrades (including a new Max version), it's the 14 Pro range that will see far bigger external changes.

A leaked CAD file of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, showing the whole phone from the front

(Image credit: VNchocoTaco)

It's important to note that we have no way of knowing how accurate this alleged leak is; ShrimpApplePro is a relatively new player in the Apple leaks game, without a long track record to back up their claims. We should also point out that this leak only details the Pro Max model, although it seems likely that any changes would be replicated on the smaller iPhone 14 Pro model, too. 

With those caveats in mind, let's start with the external iPhone 14 Pro Max dimensions tipped by this leak.

We're still expecting the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max to come in the same 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch sizes as the current iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, but according to the schematics, the Pro Max's body will be a touch wider and deeper than the previous model, and will have slightly smaller bezels, too.

A series of text messages giving leaked measurements for various parts of the iPhone 14 Pro Max

(Image credit: VNchocoTaco)

The increased phone depth mentioned above seems to come from the camera bump, which has been previously rumored to be getting thicker. Fortunately, this thickness may be there to allow Apple to squeeze in an upgraded 48MP camera, up from 12MP on the iPhone 13 Pro Max. 

A leaked CAD file of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, showing the camera bump from the side

(Image credit: VNchocoTaco)

Several of the individual parts around the phone's body are said to be getting changed, too. The most obvious one is the rumored introduction of pill and punch-hole cutouts in place of the notch. According to ShrimpApplePro's leak, the punch-hole has a 5.59mm diameter, while the pill has a total width of 12.74mm.

A leaked CAD file of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, showing the rumored pill and punch-hole cutouts for the selfie camera and Face ID

(Image credit: VNchocoTaco)

In more potentially good news, the phone's top speaker opening will also shrink by two-thirds, according to the rumored measurements. That would mean there's even less stuff getting in the way of the screen. We just hope that this doesn't hurt audio quality. 

A leaked CAD file of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, showing the display from a diagonal angle

(Image credit: VNchocoTaco)

As usual, we'll probably have to wait until September before Apple reveals exactly what's new with the iPhone 14. But we expect to see a lot more leaks between now and then, which will hopefully give us plenty more insight into Apple's 2022 flagship phone series. And you can be sure we'll bring those leaks and rumors to you as they surface.

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