iPhone 14 leaker just tipped killer upgrades for Pro models

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Update: The iPhone 14 could be Apple’s first flagship without a notch in 5 years; that's one good reason to skip the iPhone 13 for iPhone 14.

The iPhone 14 could finally get the feature we wish the iPhone 13 series had. But this Touch ID upgrade could be reserved for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, if this rumor proves to be legit.

According to the leaker @LeaksApplePro on Twitter via iDrop News, a Q&A about the iPhone 14 predicts that Touch ID could be coming to the iPhone 14 Pro lineup under the display. However, the leaker is careful to say that the feature is still being tested and it's "unclear" if we will end up seeing it. 

The source of this info is not provided, unfortunately, but we have seen previous reports about Touch ID coming to the iPhone 14. The Q&A has a lot more to say about what could be coming to the iPhone 14, and what could be in store for other Apple products in 2022. 

LeaksApplePro agrees with other reports that an iPhone 14 mini is not happening in 2022. And we've heard this from multiple other sources. The rumor is that Apple could be readying a 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Max to go along with the regular 6.1-inch iPhone 14. It's also no secret that the iPhone 12 mini suffered from sluggish sales before the iPhone 13 mini hit the market. 

The other major upgrade tipped for the iPhone 14 Pro models is a punch-hole display. Jon Prosser previously made this prediction about the iPhone 14, but LeaksApplePro believes that this design change would be limited to the Pro and Pro Max. The regular iPhone 14 series would presumably stick with the notch. 

If the rumors prove true, the iPhone 14 could be heading for the biggest redesign since the iPhone X launched in 2017. This may include a flatter back without the protruding camera bump, which would be a welcome change. We've also heard that the iPhone 14 could be getting a more powerful 4nm processor.

The LeaksApplePro Q&A had some tidbits on other potential 2022 Apple products. The leaker says we will see a new M1 Max iMac launch "around week 12." And we could see Apple add a mini-LED display to the M2 MacBook Air for a higher price. In bad news, they say not to expect the AirPods Pro 2 "too soon." 

Last but not least, the report claims once again that Apple is testing two types of foldable phones. One of they is "very similar to the Galaxy Flip" and the other is apparently "very similar to the Galaxy Fold." LeaksApplePro says not to expect an iPhone Flip type device until 2023. 

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  • msterling
    admin said:
    The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max could both get in-display Touch ID, but not the regular models.

    iPhone 14 leaker just tipped killer upgrades for Pro models : Read more
    I would also like to see the iPhone 14's switch to USB-C. I realize the investment in Lightning cables, which I too have, would be disappointing. But I think it's time to bring the iPhone to the same standard as my new iPad and MacBook. Traveling would be easier.