iPhone 12 Pro leak just confirmed killer upgrade

The chassis of the iPhone 12 Pro
(Image credit: EverythingApplePro/Twitter)

While an Apple Event is planned for next week, the word is that we’ll have to wait another month to see Tim Cook showing off the iPhone 12. But if that wait feels too long then a new video from EverythingApplePro should help a little.

You can't see a whole handset in the video; it’s just the chassis of an iPhone 12 Pro. But, assuming it’s legitimate — and it certainly looks it from other leaks we’ve already seen — it does confirm a few things in terms of design and features.

First off, and most obvious, is that the shell has a similar finish to the current iPhone 11 Pro, with both the stainless steel edges and matte glass back plate retained across generations. The camera array also looks familiar, with three large circles for the main lenses arranged in a triangular pattern in the top left-hand corner of the handset. 

iPhone 12 Pro LiDAR confirmed

What’s different here is the number of smaller circles, which has doubled to two. One of those is a LED flash, as with every iPhone of the last decade, but the second is likely a cutout for the iPhone 12's LiDAR sensor. That’s interesting, because some rumors had suggested that the distance measuring technology might be reserved for the iPhone 12 Pro Max

Based on various leaks, the LiDAR sensor uses time of flight data to more accurately measure distance to objects. This feature will reportedly help create better looking portraits while also delivering better auto focus and better low-light performance. In addition, just like the iPad Pro's LiDAR sensor, this tech should enhance the experience in a growing array of iPhone AR apps

iPhone 12 5G a lock

There’s not a great deal more you can get from a simple chassis, other than the novelty of seeing an iPhone from the inside. But there are a couple of other changes: the SIM tray has moved to the lower left side of the handset, and there seems to be a new cutout on the right hand side, which may end up housing the 5G antenna.

The iPhone 12 Pro we’re seeing here is just one of four iPhones that Apple will reportedly be launching later this year. Expect a 5.4-inch iPhone 12, a 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Max, a 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Pro and a 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max.

While all four iPhone 12 models should feature Apple’s brand new 5nm A14 Bionic processor, the Pro versions will benefit from a telephoto camera, plus the aforementioned LiDAR depth sensor. Unfortunately, the latest word is that the 120Hz display on the iPhone 12 Pro models has been axed.

The latest rumors pointing to an October event just for iPhones, entirely separate from next week’s Apple Watch 6 focused launch. While Apple usually bundles all its hardware into one September event, coronavirus has disrupted things to the degree that it seems this just wasn’t practical for 2020. 

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