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iPhone 11 May Steal the Galaxy Note 10's Best Color

(Image credit: MobileFun)

After following iPhone 11 news for about a year, we didn't think there was anything left to leak about the upcoming Apple smartphone. But here's one design rumor that we didn't see coming.

According to MobileFun, the iPhone 11 may introduce an Aura-like color option, which would be similar to the Galaxy Note 10's flashiest finish.

MobileFun suggests a slim, clear case from case-maker Olixar supports the idea of a new color for the iPhone 11 Pro. It would be the first time Apple produced an iridescent version of its flagship smartphone

MobileFun also thinks the iPhone 11 will come in 5 colors, reflected in the tiered Apple logo on the September 10 event invitation sent to media.

The silver iridescence of the Galaxy Note 10+'s Aura Glow color option caught our attention the first time we saw the phone. Based on how the light hits the back of the phone, the panel changes to any number of colors.

Galaxy Note 10 plus aura glow with S Pen

(Image credit: Future)

Our one gripe with the Galaxy's Aura Glow finish is how it proved to be a smudge magnet when we reviewed it.

Rumor has it that from Bloomberg that at least some colors on the back of the iPhone 11 will have a matte finish as opposed to a glossy look. In addition, Apple may offer better durability due to to new "shatter-resistance" technology.

We’ll find out if this rumor is valid soon, or if it’s just a case-maker creating buzz with the announcement event right around the corner. Until September 10, stay up to date with all the news and leaks on our iPhone 11 hub page.