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iPad Air 4 leak finally reveals release date — here’s when you could get one

iPad Air 4
(Image credit: Apple)

Apple looks set to release the iPad Air 4 on October 23, finally releasing its refreshed mid-range tablet to the world despite announcing it back in September. 

At least that’s according to a leaked Canadian Best Buy listing, spotted by tech tipster Jon Prosser, who flagged a listing for the 64GB Wi-Fi version of the new iPad Air. Whether this release date is the same for all nations has yet to be seen, but given Apple normally launches its products at the same time globally, we could expect to see the iPad Air 4 in a just over a week. 

Sporting an all-screen design that’s inspired by the iPad Pro 2020, the iPad Air was revealed by Apple last month, with Cupertino touting it as a tablet for work and play. But the killer feature was arguably the A14 Bionic chip at the iPad Air 4’s heart.

Touting performance that’ll trounce the older A13 Bionic found in the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone SE 2020, the A14 Bionic is set to be a powerhouse. And it’s also the chip all four of the new iPhone 12 handsets will use.

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The iPhone 12 was revealed October 13, nearly a month after the iPad Air 4 was shown off on September 15. As such, some tech commentators speculated that the iPad Air 4’s release was held back until after the iPhone 12 was revealed to prevent people running benchmarks on the tablet’s A14 Bionic chip and taking educated guesses on the iPhone 12’s performance before Apple had the chance to champion it. 

This was all speculation though. And the gap between the iPad Air 4’s reveal and its supposed release could be down to how the coronavirus pandemic has messed with tech manufacturing and supply chains.   

Nevertheless, it looks like the iPad Air will finally arrive before October comes to an end. That means iPad fans will soon be able to enjoy a tablet that’s getting ever closer to being able to pull pseudo laptop duties thanks to its compatibility with the Magic Keyboard and the improvements Apple has made to iPadOS. 

Roland Moore-Colyer

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