Introducing Pet Tech Week on Tom's Guide!

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At Tom's Guide, the only thing we love more than gadgets is our pets. That's why we're thrilled to launch Pet Tech Week on Tom's Guide in partnership with our new sister site PetsRadar.

All week long, we'll be helping you find the best products for your pets through buying guides, news stories, deals roundups and more. We'll also help you decide whether or not pet insurance is for you, and have some fun by showing off some of our favorite pets: both in our home and on the internet.  

Helping pet owners take care of their furry friends is more important than ever, especially as more people are bringing animals into their homes to keep them company during the ongoing pandemic. Dog rescue charity The Dogs Trust reported a 25% increase in adoption at the start of the pandemic, and that's just a small slice of the many new dog and cat owners that now find themselves with an adorable companion in need of proper love and care.

And if you need more product recommendations and advice to taking care of your pet, be sure to check out our friends at PetsRadar. A comprehensive one-stop resource for pet owners, the site offers buying guides on popular pet products, pet care advice from veterinarian professionals and fun and heartwarming news stories that will make any pet owner smile. 

So kick back with your furry friend and stay tuned for some great pet content from Tom's Guide. Pet Tech week starts now! 


Pet Tech Week on Tom's Guide
Pet Tech Week is brought to you in association with our new sister site is a new pathway to healthy, happy pets that offers a unique combination of trusted advice and the best deals on top pet products – check it out today at

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