HP's new 4K webcam is here to make your video calls better

HP 965 4K Streaming Webcam
(Image credit: HP)

The HP 965 4K Streaming Webcam ticks all the right boxes for what most folks want in a webcam. This includes sharp picture quality, solid audio capturing, and reliable face-framing and auto-focus technology. Available now for $199 at HP’s website, the HP 965 could be a webcam worth considering, especially if there a HP coupon code to help bring the price down.

As its name suggests, the HP 965 4K Streaming Webcam is a 4K-capable device. If you’re using a 1080 or 720p webcam, this device would be a huge upgrade. The 18mm, f/2.0 large lens and lowlight adjustment software is meant to provide a vibrant image. With these features, you should appear more like your actual self to those on the other end of the video chat. Built-in noise-canceling dual microphones should deliver clear audio quality.

The HP 965 has a slew of features. This includes adjustable field of view with 78-, 90- and 100-degree options. Auto face framing includes three options that keep your upper body, head and shoulders or head in the center of the frame. The picture adjusts depending on whether a room is too dark or too bright to create a more balanced image. You can also change your background with pre-stocked photos or with an image you upload.

HP 965 4K Streaming Webcam

The HP 965 has a wide assortment of customization options to help you look your best during video calls. (Image credit: HP)

Another useful feature is Keystone Correction, which allows you to outline, focus and straighten a document, object, or other focal point you want to share with others. This is useful if you’re using a whiteboard.

HP provided some interesting stats announcing the HP 965 webcam today (August 25). According to the US Remote Work survey conducted by PwC in 2021, 73% of webcam users judge others based on video quality, while 75% judge others based on audio quality. Though I don’t personally judge anyone by the equipment they use, I’ll admit that speaking to someone with better-than-average video and audio quality is nice. I don’t know if these stats are meant to shame people into getting HP’s new camera, but it’s interesting regardless.

The HP 965 4K Streaming Webcam should be a solid camera if lives up to HP's claims. And though you can find some of the best webcams at cheaper prices, this one may be worth it — especially if you’re self-conscious about how you appear and sound to folks you’re video conferencing with.

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