How to get the Fortnite Ninja skin

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

The Fortnite Ninja skin is unlike other cosmetics in the colorful battle royale, as it marks the first time a streamer has gotten their likeness placed in-game for millions of fans to wear. It's not unlikely that other streamers get similar recognition in the future. 

The skin features Ninja's trademark blue hair, a high collared futuristic coat, and his blue and yellow logo on the side. 

The Ninja skin became available on January 17 for 1,500 V-Bucks, which rounds out to about $15. The skin left the shop after it's regular rotation on January 19, so it's currently unavailable with no way to directly purchase or obtain the skin in-game. Fortnite developer Epic Games will most likely bring the skin back at some point like it's done with other cosmetics, but we have no idea when that will happen. It's limited edition so we may have to wait sometime before this returns. 

The Fortnite item shop updates every day at 5 pm Pacific Time, if you're eyeing to pick up the Ninja skin you'll want to check the shop each day. There are handy sites that help you do that, like this one, so you don't have to log in if you aren't at home. 

The Ninja skin set comes with the Ninja outfit, Ninja's Edge Back Bling, a Ninja Emote called the 'Pon Pon', and the Dual Katanas Pickaxe. It's part of an icon series that began earlier this month. 

The series brings personalities, including musicians, artists, and actors, to bring their likeness to the game. Major Lazer and Marshmello were both previous collaborators. YouTube creators Loserfruit and The Grefg are both future content creators that will be part of this series.