Hogwarts Legacy just got four new trailers — and a heavily-requested fan feature

Hogwarts Legacy
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September 1 marked Back to Hogwarts Day, an annual celebration of all things Harry Potter, and to mark the occasion we’ve got four new trailers for hotly anticipated Wizarding World RPG Hogwarts Legacy. And a much requested fan feature has also been confirmed for the game.

These new Hogwarts Legacy trailers offer the chance to tour the various house common rooms from the shimmering Slytherin dungeon located underneath the Black Lake, to the slightly more familiar Gryffindor common room housed in one of the castle’s tallest towers. Then there’s the brightly lit Ravenclaw lounge, as well as the rarely explored Hufflepuff common room which is full of natural sunlight and vegetation. You can watch all four trailers via this YouTube playlist

The short Back to Hogwarts showcase also included confirmation that wannabe wizards will be able to link their Wizarding World fan account to Hogwarts Legacy (via a WB Games account), which will allow you to import your assigned Hogwarts house and wand into the game. 

Head over to the Legacy Connect portal to join your accounts. Or you can create a fresh account and undergo the Sorting Ceremony and Wand Selection process right now. If you have any issues there is a helpful FAQ page as well, which will guide you through the process from start to finish.  

Even better, if you link your Wizarding World fan account and your WB Games account you will unlock exclusive items in the game. You’ll get a Beaked Skull Mask as well as a set of House Fan-atic School Robes that will allow you to wear your House colors with pride. That’s a pretty excellent incentive to get your accounts linked, especially considering it takes only a few minutes. 

After several months of silence, Hogwarts Legacy updates are coming thick and fast now. The game was made available for pre-order last week, and its pricey Collector's Edition also went on sale. Plus, during Gamescom 2022 we also got a brand new trailer which focuses on the Dark Arts and one of the game's companion characters, Sebastian Sallow.  

Hogwarts Legacy is currently scheduled to launch on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC on February 10, 2023. A Nintendo Switch version has also been confirmed, but it will be released at a currently specified later date. 

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