Hisense just announced a 110-inch mini-LED TV with an insane 10,000-nit brightness

Hisense 110UX
(Image credit: Hisense)

CES 2024 is set to be a showstopper this year with tons of interesting technologies that will drive us headlong into the future, like this 110-inch mini-LED TV from Hisense. 

Shining bright like a diamond (or the sun itself), the new display will feature an insane 10,000 nits of brightness and a new AI-powered chip for varied image post-processing. Hisense is set to make a splash of epic proportions at CES with its 110UX, which is set to be a major highlight under the company’s next iteration of ULED X technology. 

10,000-nit technology

Hisense explains in a press release how it achieved this incredible level of brightness on its newest display, highlighting the use of 40,000 backlight zones thanks to its use of mini-LED technology. Its mini-LEDs on the 110UX leverage 24V high-output, which allows this massive TV impeccable breathing room when it comes to reduced backlight leakage and higher contrast ratios. 

A screen this large will also come with several downsides, but Hisense has been forward-thinking with its approach. The 110UX uses a 1.28% reflectivity rating via a special internal panel structure and anti-glare-film for increased visibility and reduced glare. 

It also comes equipped with state-of-the-art STW2.0 wide-angle film technology to allow it even more glare reduction and reduced backlight leakage where necessary. 

Hisense says that the “110UX represents a monumental leap in the ever-improving LED display innovation and sets new industry benchmarks in multiple categories.” It 

Hisense’s mini-LEDs have been a major highlight since their debut this past CES 2023. In our review of the U6K, a mini-LED model at just $500, Nick Pino described it as “one of the best budget TVs I’ve seen in years.” Although mini-LED technology can be quite incredible for brightness, it does have several constraints, like color accuracy and gaming capabilities.  

AI everywhere 

There’s no question just how much artificial intelligence has pervaded the public consciousness over the past year and it's set to make a major mark on CES 2024. Hisense itself will be one of the many companies in attendance sporting AI-powered gadgets, and its 110UX is no exception. 

The 110-inch display is kitted out with Hisense's newly devised AI-powered X-chipset, a potential game-changer for TV technology. Using the chip, the 110UX can retroactively reconfigure the picture on screen with varied treatments using features like AI Contrast and AI Depth, both of which as Hisense explains can create a “clearer, more immersive, captivating display effect.” 

There's no word on official pricing just yet, so you will have to wait until CES to see just how much you'll have to shell out for this massive TV and all of its amazing features. 

The Hisense 110UX is a CES 2024 Innovation Awards honoree and certainly can’t be missed when it’s officially unveiled next year. We'll bring you our hands-on impressions directly from the show floor. 

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