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Here's Our Best Look Yet at Apple Arcade

(Image credit: 9to5Mac)

Apple Arcade is likely just about a month from its launch, but the folks over at 9to5Mac have some new details, now that Apple employees are testing the game-streaming service.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple has been testing Arcade internally, allowing its employees to get one month free and pay just 49 cents per month for access to the game-streaming service.

When they boot up the service, a splash page appears, allowing them to see some of the recently featured games. It also has a sidebar that can help them find games they want to play and see titles that they otherwise wouldn't search for.

Once users find a game they want to play, they can click the "Get" option and download the title from the App Store. While 9to5Mac didn't provide too much detail on the games, Apple's Arcade service still says that there will be more than 100 titles available at launch — a claim the company made in March at the service's unveiling. 

Additionally, 9to5Mac learned some information on three games on the service, including Way of the Turtle, which lets you play as a turtle to defeat enemies, Down in Bermuda, a game that lets you play as a character named Milton who's traveling across the Atlantic Ocean for a quest, and Hot Lava, a first-person game that's set in a lava-filled environment.

Beyond that, however, no real answers emerged from 9to5Mac's testing. The site didn't say how well the service performed and there's still no indication of how much it'll cost when Arcade launches.

However, considering Apple Arcade is up and running and Apple employees are now testing it, there's a good chance that we'll see something about it at the press event Apple may have planned for Sept. 10, where it's expected to unveil new iPhones

Apple is only charging 49 cents per month for Arcade to its employees. We don't know yet what it'll charge public customers. 

Look for more on Apple Arcade in the coming weeks as we inch closer to its launch.