Google Pixel Watch battery leaked — here's how long the watch could last

Pixel Watch prototype
(Image credit: Android Central)

The Google Pixel Watch has been rumored for years, but the leaks have come thick and fast in the last few days as we edge closer to its anticipated debut at May's Google I/O 2022 event.

Not only has a familiar looking test unit was found in a restaurant, but there’s talk of multiple models, and a price between $300 and $400 with “limited” availability for Google's debut smartwatch.

Now 9to5Google’s sources have chipped in some interesting information about the watch’s internal parts. First, the Pixel Watch will apparently feature cellular connectivity, meaning it won’t need to use your phone as a bridge. But more interestingly, the same sources have provided a battery capacity: 300 mAh.

It’s not clear whether this capacity will be consistent across the rumored multiple models of the Pixel Watch, but a battery that size suggests the wearable is probably looking at a run time of around 36 hours between charges. Granted, a battery capacity can’t tell you that on its own — the Fitbit Sense runs for six days on a 266 mAh cell — but based on what we know, less than two days seems more likely. 

That’s because the Pixel Watch is almost certain to run Wear OS 3, just like last year’s Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. Samsung’s wearable comes in two sizes: the 40mm version with a 247 mAh battery and the 44mm model with a 361 mAh cell. Stamina proved inconsistent in both models in our tests — possibly why the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro may pack a 572 mAh battery — but Samsung promises “up to 40 hours” for both, so it figures that the Pixel Watch will offer a similar period between charges.

There’s even talk of the Pixel Watch using the same W920 chip as Samsung’s most recent wearable which would point to near-identical performance and stamina — barring variation each one’s possible unique features, sensors and screen size, of course.

We should know more about the Pixel Watch very soon indeed. Google I/O kicks off in Mountain View in just 12 days’ time, and the wearable is widely expected to feature, even if it’s just as a teaser of what’s to come. Indeed, leaker Jon Prosser believes that that’s all we’re getting for now. “Pixel Watch will be formally announced and [then] launched with Pixel 7 and 7 Pro in October,” he tweeted. 

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